Simply Santa Fe Paparazzi Fashion Fix Set-April 2024

All Eyes On U Jewelry Paparazzi Accessories

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Authentic designs and handcrafted pieces are staples of the Simply Santa Fe Collection. Featuring patterns and elements inspired by nature, these earthy designs tend to have a little more detail. Those free spirited collectors who have an appreciation for the creative process and delight in the sentimental stories behind their favorite accessories will feel right at home with the Simply Santa Fe Collection.

Includes one of each accessory featured in the Simply Santa Fe Trend Blend in April's Fashion Fix:

Necklace: "Piquant Pattern - Green" (P2ST-GRXX-135UZ)
Hoop Earring: "Peppy Pinnacle - Blue" (P5HO-BLXX-067UZ)
Bracelet: "​Poignant Pairing - Green" (P9SE-GRXX-176UZ)
Bracelet: "My Interest is Piqued - Silver" (P9BA-SVXX-215UZ)